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How to Bluff at a Poker Game

How Can You Bluff Successfully In A Poker Game?


Lady Gaga talks about bluffing in Poker Face. There is a certain psychology to bluffing in a high or low stakes poker game. Players have to be very skilled in order to pull it off.


I am going, to be honest, my psychological training does not include the skills to do something like this. There is no reason why you cannot though. I have a few tips to help you become better at bluffing. Bluffing is, in a sense, psychological warfare.


1)Stealing the Blinds


You can actually start stealing right away. Some players have this misconception that the only time to steal the blinds is when your hand is good. Players have found the opposite to be true.


The best way to steal the blinds is going up against tight and weak players.


Say you have two players who have a pattern of nothing fighting during the large and small blinds. The best thing to do is stay in and raise the stakes. Some people like to fold. That is the last thing you want to do, especially if you can get them.


The idea is to have a gain of 1.5 blinds during a blind steal. That is going to increase your chances. Google stealing the blinds to find out more.


2)A Light-3 Bet Before A Flop


That is when you re-raise the stakes before a flop happens. Tight and weak players do not fight back are your ideal crowd. You will know who they are just by looking around the room.


This link https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=ioZwvGedtdg provides a in-depth education on how to do it.


3)Bluff Your Way Through A Raised Flop


The best cards to do this with are the 9 and 8 of hearts. Google this discussion online. Basically, you are raising the bluff on some of the less common draws. For more details read on judi online.